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The Navel of the World by P.J. Hoover

The Navel of the World (The Forgotten Worlds, Book 2)At the end of summer school, Benjamin Holt was charged with one task: to find his two missing brothers. Of course, before Benjamin ever stepped foot in Lemuria, he had no idea that he was one of the triplets responsible for holding the worlds in balance. Months pass with no luck whatsoever regarding Benjamin’s quest until he interns at his father’s office during spring break. There he stumbles upon a strange file with his name on it. Even if Benjamin can’t read it because it’s written in ancient Lemurian, at least he’s one stop closer to what he seeks. As Benjamin and his fellow telegen friends’ training progresses, they learn of a new ability—that of time travel. Armed with this new power, Benjamin and the rest of the Emerald Tablet Alliance must search all of the earth through time to have any chance of finding Benjamin’s long lost brothers.

Benjamin and his quirky Lemurian friends are at it again in this fun myth filled story. These youngsters have a purpose now, and any trouble making and rule breaking is strictly the result of their difficult quest to find the remaining two of the triplets. Although it’s easy to mix up each telegen’s psychic ability and secret crush, there’s something so endearing in reading about these five friends. Though by no means complex, these characters are realistic and genuine; their determination, hard work, and sometimes self sacrificing nature, not to mention their clever quick thinking, are admirable. The plot of this novel moves at a good pace, not too fast or slow, and takes the reader along on a whirlwind journey around the world and through time. The incorporation of ancient mythology and various cultures with new and original countries like Lemuria is definitely Hoover’s strength and a major part of what makes The Navel of the World such an enjoyable read.

The Navel of the World will be enjoyed by fans of mythology, especially those who enjoyed this novel’s prequel, The Emerald Tablet, as well as Oh. My. Gods. by Tera Lynn Childs.

Rating: 3.75

Review copy from author P.J. Hoover

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