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The Van Alen Legacy by Melissa de la Cruz

The Van Alen Legacy (Blue Bloods, 4)Lawrence is dead and the Conclave thinks Schuyler Van Alen is his killer. That’s why she and her conduit Oliver are on the run, never staying in one place for more than a few days to evade capture by the Venators they fear are pursuing them. They know the trust of what happened in Rio, but few are willing to believe that the demon Leviathan is free. Despite Schuyler and Oliver’s evasive maneuvers, they end up crossing paths in Paris with Jack and Charles Force, who have been tracking Leviathan. After a confrontation with the demon and the ensuing panic, the young Blue Bloods return to the relative safety of New York City. All is not well there either. Bliss’s attempts to fight who she is are futile, Schuyler is once again confused between her love for both Jack and Oliver, and even Mimi is having second thoughts about her upcoming bonding with her vampire twin Jack. But there is little time for these young Blue Bloods to dwell on their complicated love lives amidst the Silver Blood threat. There is no longer a doubt that the Silver Bloods have infiltrated the highest Blue Blood ranks. The only hope now lies in an ancient prophecy and blind faith in the strength of the young vampires.

Chilling, suspenseful, and undoubtedly thrilling, this fourth installment in the Blue Bloods series is just as juicy as its prequels. De la Cruz has again succeeded in weaving a fast paced supernatural tale with awesome storytelling. Although with the deteriorating conditions and financial troubles of the Blue Bloods, some of the high end glitz and partying has been toned down or disappeared, the increased danger from the Silver Blood threat and all kinds of intrigue more than make up for it. there is nary a moment without even a hint of danger, and I just love how de la Cruz keeps the reader guessing, even if it’s a little frustrating at times. In addition to an enthralling plot, character development is spectacular. New developments in the young Blue Bloods’ romantic relationships forces them to reconsider their choices to see if the one they’re with is really the one they want. Mimi’s character in particular showed a lot of growth, and I was glad to see that under her tough exterior, she does have a heart. Like always, de la Cruz ends this novel in suspense, leaving readers, me included, hungry for more.

The Van Alen Legacy will be devoured by fans of the earlier book in the Blue Bloods series as well as readers who enjoyed The Mortal Instruments trilogy by Cassandra Clare and Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick.

Rating: 4.5

Review copy from publisher Disney Hyperion

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I guess I should really be reading this one!

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