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Everwild by Neal Shusterman

Everwild (The Skinjacker Trilogy)Things are getting complicated in Everlost. Mary Hightower is no longer the only popular figure. Her strict rules and regulations are now being challenged by Nick, defamed as the “Chocolate Ogre” by Mary, and Allie the Outcast, also slandered by Mary for her ability to skinjack or possess the living. But even as Nick tries to help the Afterlights get where they’re going, Mary redoubles her efforts to convert them to her way of thinking because she see thinks keeping these lost children with her will save them. Conflict and possibly an all out war are brewing in Everlost. As new friends and foes reveal themselves, as the truth comes to light, as morals begin to get twisted beyond recognition, Mary, Nick, Allie, and all the souls in Everlost will have to decide which side is worth fighting for—and how far they will go to achieve their own ends.

Shusterman’s Skinjacker trilogy just keeps getting better and better. This sequel to Everlost is just full of danger, excitement, and suspense unique to this trilogy’s setting. It’s not just the action packed plot that makes this story fantastic though; that mostly can be credited to the characters. The three main characters, Mary, Nick, and Allie, are very realistic both because of their personalities and the internal struggles they face. There’s no doubt that some characters, like Mary, are a bit more evil than the others, but there’s logic behind it, albeit somewhat twisted, that makes these characters human. There are a lot of different subplots and switching points of view to take into account when reading, but somehow all these separate threads weave together perfectly. I’m thrilled Shusterman was able to make Everwild just as, if not more, original than its prequel Everlost, and I most definitely cannot wait for the conclusion to this addicting trilogy.

The Skinjacker trilogy will be enjoyed by fans of Jo-Jo and the Fiendish Lot by Andrew Auseon and Elsewhere by Gabrielle Zevin.

Rating: 4.5

Review copy from publisher Simon & Schuster UK

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Lindsay Frost said...

I read Shusterman’s Unwind and this book of his sounds really neat! :D

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