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Elphame’s Choice by PC Cast

Elphame's ChoiceElphame has all but given up on fitting in. As most visibly half human, half centaur, she certainly does not look like anyone else in Partholon. But her strong connection to the goddess Epona ensures that she will always be revered, worshipped, and maybe even somewhat feared. Elphame realizes that she needs to strike out on her own, and so she travels to the other side of the country to begin a new project: restoring MacCallan Castle. But rebuilding these haunted ruins turns out to be completely different—and more dangerous—than Elphame expected. As the remnants of a past war reenter the present and Elphame’s pivotal role in an ancient curse is revealed, it will be up to her to save her country, her newfound lifemate, and herself.

There is no doubt that Cast has a wonderful imagination. This is definitely the first time I’ve read a novel with a majority of the most central characters that are obviously not entirely human in a surprising way. There aren’t any of the truly typical supernatural creatures in this novel, like vampires and werewolves, which is refreshing. I’ll admit that the hybrids took a while to get used to, but they certainly ensured that the story would be interesting. The plot was quick and engaging, the characters were realistic in their thoughts and fears, and the story as a whole was satisfying. At the same time, though, despite the original characters, this novel didn’t really stand out in any other way. In addition, though Elphame’s Choice is classified as young adult, given the at times explicit nature of its content, I feel it would be better labeled as adult.

Elphame’s Choice may be enjoyed by fans of Marked by Kristin Cast and PC Cast, Heart’s Blood by Juliet Marillier, and Ice by Sarah Beth Durst.

Rating: 3.75

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Diana Dang said...

Thanks for the review!

Karin Perry said...

I completed agree about the book needing to be labeled adult. WOW! Some of those scenes were hot hot hot.

Unknown said...

I read the next in the series, and I wouldn't classify it has YA either, I don't know where they came up with their rating system. LOL

Dottie :)

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