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My Double Life by Janette Rallison

My Double LifeAlexia Garcia has always been told she looks exactly like the celebrity Kari Kingsley. Not that this resemblance has made her popular or given her a better life. However, this all changes when Alexia is offered a job as Kari’s double. This offer is Alexia’s ticket to Hollywood, money, and her father. All that is too much for Alexia to resist, and so, despite her mother’s warnings, Alexia takes the job. Posing as Kari, Alexia can get almost anything she wants: nice clothes, adoring fans, maybe even rock star Grant Delray. But the more that Alexia gets into her role as Kari, the more she loses sight of herself. Alexia might be able to meet her father, but he’ll think she’s someone else. And that just might be the problem. How can Alexia be true to herself when everyone thinks she’s Kari Kingsley?

I have only read one other novel by Rallison, but that was enough to make me love how she combines humor, family, and fame into a meaningful and thoroughly enjoyable story. My Double Life shares many similar elements with Rallison’s Just One Wish, including most importantly strong familial relationships and celebrities. It’s always fun to read about famous people, whether real or fictional, because it makes all stories more glamorous. Rallison counters this sometimes false sparkle with something solid: family. This deepens what would ordinarily be a rather shallow story. There is just something so sweet and charming about My Double Life that makes the story stick with the reader.

My Double Life will be enjoyed by fans of Just One Wish, also by Janette Rallison, The Elite series by Jennifer Banash, Absolutely Maybe by Lisa Yee, and Love, Meg by C. Leigh Purtill. I look forward to reading more from Rallison.

Rating: 4.0

Review copy from publisher Penguin

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Anonymous said...

Oooh, the story premise is so unique and interesting. I'm curious as to Alexia's journey in finding herself, it sounds like a book with a lot of heart. The family part sounds especially good, I love close-knit families in books. Wonderful review! :D

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