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So Over My Head by Jenny B. Jones

So Over My Head (The Charmed Life)Bella Kirkwood, the Nancy Drew of Truman, Oklahoma, is back for another adventure. After all, Bella does have a way of sniffing out trouble—and finding herself in the middle of it. It starts off as a simple assignment of covering the Fritz Family Carnival for the newspaper, but when she finds Betty the Bearded Lady murdered in her trailer, things become a whole lot more interesting. Bella’s convinced that there’s some funny business going on with the Fritz Family Carnival, so she takes a job as one of their clowns as a cover for her after hours investigative snooping. Too bad her boyfriend Luke keeps trying to dissuade Bella from getting involved. It might’ve made things easier. So would not having to deal with her father’s fishy wedding plans and Luke’s snarky ex-girlfriend moving back to town. Will Bella be able to solve this mystery and sort out her life before it’s too late?

This third installment in the Charmed Life series has all the wit and investigatory action that characterized its first two installments, So Not Happening and I’m So Sure. Bella is as funny as ever in all her new exploits and is sure to keep the reader smiling throughout the whole book. However, I wouldn’t say that So Over My Head is as good overall as its two prequels for a variety of reasons. Firstly, there were too many mysteries that Bella was trying to solve at once. There were other minor distracter mysteries in Bella’s previous adventures but they were pretty minor. In this novel, Bella has to deal with the Fritz Family Carnival fiasco, the questions surrounding her father’s fiancé, and the true nature of Luke’s relationship with his ex-girlfriend. These last two mysteries were quite more significant side projects than Bella has ever had, and Jones didn’t juggle between the main mystery and these lesser two as well as she could have. Also, the mysteries and even the action didn’t seem very original because Bella has already gone through life threatening investigations. Although the execution of the story wasn’t the best, So Over My Head still is a cute and enjoyable read.

So Over My Head will interested fans of its prequels So Not Happening and I’m So Sure as well as those who liked the It’s All About Us series by Shelley Adina and Pure by Terra Elan McVoy.

Rating: 3.75

Review copy from publisher Thomas Nelson

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