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The Education of Bet by Lauren Baratz-Logsted

The Education of BetWill and Bet have been raised as brother and sister since tragic events brought them together to the same household. But now that they are sixteen, there are expectations placed upon them. Will is forced to attend school because he is a boy, while Bet must stay at home because she is a girl. Neither is very happy. Bet wants with all her being to continue her education at school, and Will wants to join the army. So Bet devises a plan that will allow both of them to get their way: Bet will take Will’s place at his new school. At first, everything goes smoothly, but Bet fails to take into account how hard masquerading as a boy really is. Then she starts to develop feelings for her roommate, and now sticking to the plan will be harder that Bet thought.

The Education of Bet is a short and sweet tale of one girl’s determination to get an education, and, of course, the sometimes ridiculous events that ensue. This book completely charmed me. Bet’s character in particular was so fun to read about; her precise yet quirky manner of speaking and her boldness make her so likable. Readers will root for her to first make it to Betterman Academy and then to get the guy. I was a little disappointed that The Education of Bet was such a breezy read, because I would have enjoyed more of Bet’s story and an extension of the ending would have been fascinating. Everything about this novel is overall satisfactory, even if there were a few minor details that didn’t completely add up, and I thoroughly enjoyed this romantic tale.

The Education of Bet will be enjoyed by fans of A Northern Light by Jennifer Donnelly, Sovay by Celia Rees, and Wildthorn by Jane Eagland.

Rating: 4.0

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