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The Season by Sarah MacLean

The SeasonAs a lady of seventeen years, Alexandra Stafford is expected to be introduced to London society this season. That means memorizing dance steps, lessons on proper conversation and etiquette, and endless dress fittings. Unfortunately, Alex would rather read poetry and make mischief with her friends than waltz through ballrooms. She has no choice in the matter, though, and before Alex knows it, she’s just another young woman on the marriage market being paraded from party to party. At first, it’s not so bad since Alex’s best friends Ella and Vivi are also going through their first season with her. But sooner than later, overhearing a clandestine conversation draws Alex into a mystery regarding the former Earl of Blackmoor and his ghastly death. It’s something Alex can’t pass up investigating, but the deeper she delves, the more danger she’s in.

The Season is a quick and fun mystery with historical flair. MacLean does a wonderful job of portraying Regency London and particularly the nature of the season. Readers will be swept away in the glamour of beautiful dresses, sweeping dances, and extravagant parties. What MacLean does even better than setting the stage, though, is creating a set of strong heroines who dare to defy the stifling double standards set on women at this time. These girls’ quick wit and charming audacity is sure to amuse readers. I particularly enjoyed reading about marriage averse Alex; her social exploits are entertainingly and her investigatory adventures nothing but intriguing. The actual mystery is quite satisfying and interesting to read about, as is the rather predictable but still sweet romance. I quite enjoyed this amusing historical read.

The Season is sure to be enjoyed by fans of La Petite Four by Regina Scott and Bewitching Season by Marissa Doyle.

Rating: 3.75

Review copy from publisher Scholastic

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