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The Pizza Delivery Blog Tour

Ding dong. Pizza delivery. I’ve got one mushroom, onion and black olive here for someone who calls herself the Book Muncher…

What? Pizza Delivery? Has A.S. King gone mad(der than we already thought she was?)
Last week, my book Please Ignore Vera Dietz came out. That's exciting stuff. But what's better is: I get to come around and see some of my favorite-ever book bloggers and answer some cool questions that were generated in the A.S. King pizza delivery question generator.  (Official Rules here, if you’re the curious type.) I thank you for having me, Book Muncher! On to the questions...

TBM: What are some of the more unusual occupations you’ve held and how have they influenced your writing?

ASK: I’ve had some really interesting jobs. While I was still in school, I did some fast food, some catering, pizza delivery, and my favorite, a summer camp counselor. My college degree is in traditional photography, and I was trained as a master printer, so I had a lot of jobs that required me to work in darkrooms. Which was cool, actually. (I have an adult book about that.) I have run off with the circus a few times, but not to work as much as to just run off. It helps to have friends who own a circus. My favorite job of all time (outside of writing books, which is bosser than anything) was being an adult literacy teacher. Not unusual, I guess, but it’s most influential in a way you’d probably wouldn't expect.

Learning how to read as an adult is really hard. Harder than a lot of things I’ve witnessed or experienced. My literacy students constantly reminded me about determination. About dedication. About failing and getting back up again. I was writing novels and getting rejected all that time I taught literacy, and when I wanted to give up, how could I? Seriously. How could I even complain?

TBM: What pizza topping combination would you recommend for a night in reading Please Ignore Vera Dietz?

ASK: I’d say any topping combination that tastes good to you cold, because you may need to go back to the pizza box in the middle of the night while you’re still reading.

TBM: What was your most memorable experience as a teen?

Book Muncher, thanks so much for having me to your blog again. I hope you enjoy your [imaginary] pizza and thanks so much for your support over the years. YOU TOTALLY ROCK.

Next Stop on the Pizza Delivery Blog Tour, Oct. 26th: Steph Bowe!

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