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Curse of the Wolf Girl by Martin Millar

Curse of the Wolf GirlKalix MacRinnalch is not a happy werewolf. Now that her brother Marcus is Thane and her mother remains Mistress of the Werewolves, she is relatively safe in London. She has friends now, the two humans she lives with and a teenage Fire Elemental. Still, Kalix remains her usual depressed, anorexic, and angry self. She’s tired of her life. She doesn’t want to have to go to remedial college or fight werewolf hunters. She doesn’t want to have to fend off other members of her clan intent on killing her. But with clan politics and angry Fire Elementals get in the way, finding peace for Kalix will be more than a challenge.

Though I liked Curse of the Wolf Girl, I didn’t enjoy it as much as I did its prequel, Lonely Werewolf Girl. I definitely was entertained by Millar’s writing. I love seeing how all of Millar’s eccentric characters and the ridiculous situations they find themselves in connect. However, for some reason, I just couldn’t become that absorbed in the story. Perhaps I became accustomed to the excitement of constant fighting and danger in Lonely Werewolf Girl; there wasn’t as much of it in Curse of the Wolf Girl. In lieu of so much plot action, there was lots of planning and some character growth. Unfortunately, this was a little boring. I did enjoy seeing Kalix in particular mature, but I think Millar could’ve done a much better job integrating his character development into a more exciting story.

Those who enjoyed Lonely Werewolf Girl will want to pick up its sequel Curse of the Wolf Girl, as will fans of Christopher Moore’s writing.

Rating: 3.75

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