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Once in a Full Moon by Ellen Schreiber

Once in a Full MoonCeleste Parker’s life is about to be turned upside down when the stories of her hometown Legend’s Run come to life. She always thought that those werewolf stories only served for a good Halloween scare.  But when Brandon Maddox moves to town and saves Celeste from a pack of wolves, everything changes. Celeste is no longer content with her elitist group of friends and perfect boyfriend. She is strongly drawn to Brandon, even though he’s from the wrong side of town and not entirely the person—or being—she thought he was. Because although Brandon may be her savior, he might also be the live embodiment of the werewolf legends so famous to her town. Despite the danger to herself, Celeste refuses to shy from her new relationship with Brandon, but what can she do when the problem becomes bigger than the two of them?

Once in a Full Moon is a quick and amusing paranormal read. It does not particularly distinguish itself from other werewolf novels in quality or content except for the fact that the initial transformation to werewolf comes as a surprise to all the characters; that is, the werewolf in question doesn’t know that he’s a werewolf. This in and of itself is mildly interesting, but it mostly leads to repetitive bouts of confusion and denial amongst the main characters Celeste and Brandon. I cannot say that I particularly liked any of the characters, which had a negative effect on my overall enjoyment of the story. Celeste’s goodness, though sweet, quickly became tiresome, especially her desire to eliminate the divide in her town between the haves and have-nots, which was very out of place in the grand scheme of the paranormal. Brandon’s character similarly tried too hard to be the good guy, which also quickly gets old. The plot was satisfactory if not particularly exciting, even the section when Celeste worries that Brandon’s secret is out turns out to be anticlimactic. Based on the very open ending to this novel, I have a feeling that Once in a Full Moon is the first in a series, and I can’t say that I’m glad about that. Once in a Full Moon just doesn’t stand out in the paranormal genre, and I don’t think a series would be worth my time investment.

Once in a Full Moon may still be enjoyed by fans of 13 to Life by Shannon Delany, Low Red Moon by Ivy Devlin, and The Dark Divine by Bree Despain.

Rating: 3.25

Review copy from NetGalley

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