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Dark Secrets 3: The Back Door of Midnight by Elizabeth Chandler

When Anna O’Neill receives a letter from her Uncle Will, requesting that she visit, she doesn’t think much of it. She expects to spend the summer before college getting to know her only remaining family better, but instead, upon her arrival in Wisteria, she finds out that Uncle Will has been murdered. The police have no real leads, and her possibly psychic or just crazy Aunt Iris is no help at all. Anna can’t just let it be, especially when she finds out that her uncle’s murder may be connected to the murder of her own mother years earlier. But is Anna really prepared to delve deep into Wisteria’s families’ deadly secrets? Caught between strange psychic visions, frightening threats, and a cute boy with secrets of his own, Anna will have to solve these murders—before she becomes the next victim.

Chandler has written many other paranormal murder mysteries set in Wisteria, so one would think that Dark Secrets 3 would bore me. I am happy to say that despite the many similarities that The Back Door of Midnight shares with the stories in Dark Secrets 1 and Dark Secrets 2, boredom was the farthest thing from my mind while reading this story. I became quite easily immersed in Anna’s story and investigation and was not at all disappointed by the murder mystery presented by Chandler. Where I believe Dark Secrets 3 triumphs over the other Dark Secrets stories is in romance. In both Dark Secrets 1 and Dark Secrets 2, I was rather disconcerted by how the heroine found love by the last page because the romantic relationships were always inadequately developed. However, Anna’s relationship with Zack in Dark Secrets 3 is much more satisfying when it comes to fruition because they had a real connection throughout the whole story. Overall, this latest addition to the Dark Secrets stories is entertaining and a highly enjoyable read.

Fans of Dark Secrets 1 and Dark Secrets 2 will enjoy Dark Secrets 3, as will readers who also liked Dark Visions by L.J. Smith.

Rating: 4.25

Review copy from publisher Simon & Schuster UK

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Grace said...

Sounds cool! I'll check out the series before this one! :) Thanks for reviewing it!

Lycxir said...

I read this book!!!!!!! It is amazing!!!!!! I love all the series! but my favorite is either this one or Dark Secrets two! <3

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