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Wrapped by Jennifer Bradbury

WrappedAgnes Wilkins is not your typical debutante in 1815 London. She’ll endure the dress fittings, make polite conversation, and attend all the events of the season to please her mother, but she’d much rather be reading a book, learning new languages, or traveling to exotic locales. Unfortunately, Agnes’s inclinations aren’t the most acceptable according to the rules for women of high society, so she’s forced to submit to the dullness of her first season. But after the first party of the season, an unwrapping, Agnes realizes that the season may not be so boring after all, especially after she uncovers a unique artifact that may hold the key to international intrigue and even an ancient curse. Debuting in society may prove to be more of an adventure than Agnes ever could have thought.

Wrapped is a very smart, doubly historical novel that I immensely enjoyed. I call this story doubly historical because in addition to being set in Regency England, it explores ancient Egyptian history and myths. It is very clear that this novel is well researched, but Bradbury manages to seamlessly weave her research into the story such that it is not obvious that it is even there. This makes it so much easier to get into the story, which is a fantastic one. It’s hard not to become swept away in Agnes’s struggles against the conventions of the time and her drive to solve an international mystery. The plot is perfectly executed with a good mix of Regency glamour, hunting down clues, a touch of danger, and even romance, and most of the characters, especially protagonist Agnes, are vividly portrayed and easy to understand. Wrapped is a very well balanced and written story that truly transports the reader into the past for an unforgettable adventure.

Wrapped will be enjoyed by all fans of historical fiction, particularly those who also liked The Season by Sarah MacLean and La Petite Four by Regina Scott.

Rating: 4.75

Review copy from Simon & Schuster Galley Grab

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