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All You Desire by Kirsten Miller

All You Desire (Eternal Ones)Haven Moore and Iain Morrow thought they could escape the Ouroboros Society and everything else by running away to Rome. They’re happy enough, even when Haven starts to suspect that they are being watched and followed. But their bubble of bliss is finally burst when Haven finds out that her best friend Beau has gone missing. There’s nothing that Haven wouldn’t do for Beau, so she and Iain return to New York City to begin their search despite the very real danger posed by their close proximity to the Ouroboros Society’s headquarters. Haven knows that the search won’t be easy, but she’s still not completely prepared for being thrust back into the deadly politics of the Eternal Ones. Confronted with enemies new and old, Haven will have her trust tested, her feelings challenged, and her sense of self questioned until she no longer knows what kind of happiness she really wants—in this life or the next.

It seems strange that after reading All You Desire, I had almost forgotten that I had not been the biggest champion of its prequel The Eternal Ones because I found All You Desire to be an absolutely enthralling read. Miller keeps readers hooked by a stream of surprises which leads readers to trust one character and then doubt that same character the next. I tend to get annoyed when I feel that there’s too much conflict of who’s the good or bad guy, but Miller manages to make each new assumption compelling especially when seen from the bigger picture of the deception of limited perception. Additionally, though the good guy/bad guy dilemma has a relatively short plotline for most of the story’s characters, I didn’t feel like things just kept happening because Miller maintained several overarching goals throughout the novel. With realistic character development in response to believable problems and many other interesting complications, All You Desire shows marked improvement over my early impressions of its prequel The Eternal Ones.

Fans of The Eternal Ones will not want to miss its sequel in All You Desire. This novel may also be enjoyed by fans of Fallen by Lauren Kate, the Blue Bloods series, and Reincarnation by Suzanne Weyn.

Rating: 4.25

Review copy from publisher Penguin

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Liviania said...

As I was enthralled by The Eternal Ones, I'm sure I'll love this one even more.

Unknown said...

I think i would sell a kidney to get a copy of this book! i didnt even know the second book was out already. thanks for the info

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