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Personal Demons by Lisa Desrochers

Personal DemonsFrannie Cavanaugh is a good Catholic girl, well, most of the time. So she’s messed around with a few boys, but she never goes too far. But when she meets Luc Cain, the new kid in school, Frannie isn’t so sure that she wants to stay away. There’s something so sexy and…wicked about him that she is undeniably attracted to. But Luc isn’t who Frannie thinks he is; not just the tantalizing new guy, Luc is a demon whose mission is to claim Frannie’s soul for Hell. All he has to do is get her to sin, which shouldn’t be too difficult with his looks, or so he thinks. Time is running short for Luc when the angel Gabriel shows up, intent on claiming Frannie’s soul for Heaven. Luc and Gabriel will fight for Frannie’s soul—and her heart—but only one can emerge victorious.

Personal Demons is probably one of the sexiest angel and demon stories that I have ever read. I attest this mostly to the smoldering hotness that is Luc Cain. I rarely ever talk about characters in this way, but it’s hard not to be drawn to his flawed cockiness and inner torment. His delicious wicked side is one of the main reasons I couldn’t stop reading. In addition to a strong and well developed leading male, I loved how Desrochers alternated narrations between Frannie and Luc. This allows the reader to glimpse different events that only Frannie or Luc would be privy to, see both of their perspectives on situations they were both in, and really get into their minds. The plot is for the most part fast paced and satisfying, and Desrochers leaves enough threads hanging loose to make readers eager for the sequel.

Personal Demons is a great pick for anyone looking for a juicy paranormal romance, especially for fans of My Soul to Take by Rachel Vincent, Fallen by Lauren Kate, and Unearthly by Cynthia Hand.

Rating: 3.75

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