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Betraying Season by Marissa Doyle

Betraying Season (Leland Sisters)Penelope Leland has come to Ireland to further her studies in magic. She hopes to become as good a witch as her dear twin sister Persy, and so she devotes all her energies to being studious. But once Pen meets Niall Keating, that is so much easier said than. Niall is both gorgeous and charming, and Pen is a little surprised when he shows so much interest in her. And she should be, because Niall is only courting Pen at the orders of his mother, a powerful sorceress who needs Pen’s help with a dangerous spell. But what began as false pretenses blossoms into real feelings for both Niall and Pen. And when Niall realizes that he loves Pen, he knows he cannot continue deceiving her. But will Pen ever be able to forgive Niall for taking advantage of her in that way? And will Niall even act in time to prevent his mother’s evil plans from coming to fruition?

I just loved Bewitching Season when I read it years ago, so I knew that I had to read its companion Betraying Season as soon as I got the chance. I’m happy to say that for the most part, Betraying Season was just as fun and enjoyable as Bewitching Season. Doyle uses the new setting of Ireland well, capturing and beautifully portraying how its customs and people are different from those of the London Pen is from. I loved how Pen’s magical and personal journey was so connected to ancient Irish lore, because it allows readers to see magic from a fresh perspective. I was a little less satisfied with the central romance, because something about it felt a little inconsistent. I never thought there was any question that Niall was in love with Pen, but I kept waiting for him to prove that love by being honest with Pen, something that took a very long time. I also didn’t really like how easily Pen seemed to be tricked into taking part of Niall’s mother’s evil scheme; she seemed a little too clever to be manipulated that easily. Despite those two issues, though, Betraying Season was still a quick and entertaining read.

Fans of Bewitching Season will not want to miss its companion in Betraying Season. This novel also appeals to readers who enjoyed La Petite Four by Regina Scott and The Season by Sarah MacLean.

Rating: 3.5

Review copy from publisher Macmillan

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