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Everybody Sees the Ants Blog Tour: A Letter from A.S. King

Dear Book Muncher,

You’ve supported me from the very beginning and I watched you ROCK IT on Wheel of Fortune with my kids who think you’re famous. Because we go way back, I kinda feel like I can write this totally mellow post and not overly push my new book EVERYBODY SEES THE ANTS because sometimes people just want to read totally mellow posts. Here’s what I call this one:

Four random things I thought of. . .seven and a half days ago while sitting on my red couch. (Because I’m writing this on September 27, 2011, a week before I go on tour for EVERYBODY SEES THE ANTS. It’s 10:04pm. If you want, you can pretend that this post is magical and takes you back in time.)

1. I keep buying white button-down shirts and I never wear them. I now have four white button-down shirts that I have never worn. I can’t figure out how this keeps happening. I’m not a shopper. I only go shopping when I have to. Think I went four times in the last two years. And every time I bought a white button-down shirt. I do not understand this.

2. This week (it will be last week by the time this message gets to you) is Banned Books Week and it always makes me want to say stuff like this: STOP TELLING OTHER PEOPLE WHAT TO DO AND TAKE A MINUTE TO SEE HOW SELFISH AND WEIRD YOU’RE BEING. < ---------that’s what I’d say to people who ban and challenge books. I love ironic banned books. Like Animal Farm and Fahrenheit 451. That’s always a laugh. How come Big Brother in real life never sees itself as Big Brother?

3. This month is Bullying Prevention month and I want to tell readers how they can help. It’s really easy and if everyone did this, then we could actually change the world. Ready? All you have to do is walk up to a bullying victim and nicely say, “I saw that. It wasn’t cool.” (Or any variation of this.) you can learn a lot more here: http://www.pacer.org/bullying/

Related random thought: Every so often, ask yourself these questions: Do my friends treat me nicely? Do they treat other people nicely? Do they really support me or do they live to tear me down?

Surround yourself with winners. It’s easier to change the world when surrounded by winners.

4. Completely random: Mr. King and I have been watching the original Star Trek seasons on Netflix. I am now obsessed with Star Trek. When I could have been watching reruns of this, I was too young to understand how completely boss it is. (You do know I’m part Vulcan, don’t you, Book Muncher? I haven’t mastered the nerve pinch yet, but I’m going to keep trying.) Anyway, we’re about to watch episode 26 right now.

Here ends my random mellow post to you. Thank you again for always being so supportive and for your awesome attitude and for your awesome blog and for being awesome on Wheel of Fortune and giving my kids the impression that I know totally famous people. YOU ROCK. If ever you need a white button-down shirt, you know who to call.

Sending a virtual herd of goats,


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holdenj said...

What a great post, really says it all! Definitely will get out there and read Ants soon!

Stephanie said...

I totally get the white shirt thing. It seems like such a practical piece of clothing on the rack (especially when you're looking for "real person" clothes), but once you're faced with wearing it in the real world of muddy dog paws and spaghetti sauce, it's just not worth taking it off the hanger.

Can't wait to read ANTS!

____ said...

Funniest post I've read all week by far. My mom used to constantly buy white button-down shirts for me before she realized it just wasn't going to happen. It's a great look, just not for me. Thanks for sharing this!

roro said...

Can't wait to read ANTS

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