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Out of Sight, Out of Time by Ally Carter

The last thing that Cammie Morgan remembers is leaving Gallagher Academy at the beginning of the summer. People kept getting hurt because of her, and Cammie couldn’t live with that. So she set out to find some answers and maybe to even find the Circle of Cavan before they found her. But when wakes up in an alpine convent months later, she realizes that she can’t remember what she did last summer. In fact, the only indications that anything happened to Cammie at all are her weight loss, different hair color, and many bruises. Once safely back home at the Academy, Cammie has more questions than ever, and she’s sure that there’s much more at stake to finding those answers than just her sanity. So, once again, Cammie finds herself on the other side of the world, though with her friends for backup, struggling to piece together the clues she left behind the last time she was there. But with the Circle in pursuit, Cammie is running out of time—she can only hope she’s not too late.

It’s no secret that I have been a huge fan of the Gallagher Girl series from the very beginning, and I just love how Carter has taken an idea that seemed to be just fun and espionage and turned it into something as dark and twisted as Out of Sight, Out of Time. This book has it all, including amnesia, conflicting loyalties, long buried secrets, surprising connection, and double and triple agents. All of this ensures that the plot will be action-packed, engaging, and entertaining. I was thoroughly enthralled with each new clever twist in the plot. In addition to that, though, I also loved how Carter touched on Cammie’s changing relationships with those around her, especially her best friends, her mother, and Zach, her sometimes-maybe-boyfriend. With such vivid characters, an exciting and completely riveting plot, and such intrigue, it’s clear that Out of Sight, Out of Time is another perfect read from Carter and a clear indication that the Gallagher Girl series just keeps getting better.

Fans of the Gallagher Girl series will not want to miss its thrilling fifth installment.

Rating: 4.5

Review copy from personal collection

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fakesteph said...

I thought this was Carter's best book to date! I expected it to be good, but this one blew me away.

holdenj said...

Can't wait, I've enjoyed this series.

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