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Supergirl Mixtapes by Meagan Brothers

Supergirl MixtapesMaria can’t wait to escape from her small southern hometown. Things have been going downhill for a while, and Maria is starting to feel like everyone she could count on is going away. She feels like she needs to get out of there too, so her father’s permission to visit her estranged mother in New York City is a blessing. And so what if the big city is a little scary and maybe a little too much for Maria to handle on her own? She would gladly brave the subways ad busy streets in order to see her mom again. But the more time Maria spends with her mom, she starts to question whether her own mother would go so far for her. It’s been great going to concerts and being immersed in the local music scene, but it hasn’t been so great learning the dirty little secrets Maria’s mom tried so hard to keep hidden. Maria will have to figure out what exactly it is she’s looking for in New York City—and whether she can find it—before it’s too late to turn back.

Supergirl Mixtapes is a wonderful character-driven coming of age novel. Maria is a vivid protagonist who is motivated by her love of music. Music isn’t necessarily what completely defines her, but it plays a huge role in her everyday life and is sometimes just what she needs to get through the day. Brothers does a fantastic job developing Maria’s character and the backdrop for her city adventures. It took me a little while to realize that Supergirl Mixtapes was set in the 90s, but once I did, it was really easy to get into the rhythm, so to speak, of the story. I was actually surprised that I didn’t feel let down by the ending of the story, because the plot comes in around in a full circle. I’m usually irritated when its seems like nothing really happened. But this just further goes to show how invested I became in Maria’s character, because that’s where all the real growth happened. I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed or appreciated reading about an episode in a character’s life as much as I did in Supergirl Mixtapes, and I thank Brothers for that.

Supergirl Mixtapes will be enjoyed by fans of I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone by Stephanie Kuehnert, Harmonic Feedback by Tara Kelly, and Shrinking Violet by Danielle Joseph.

Rating: 4.0

Review copy from publisher Macmillan

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Cass said...

With every single review I read for the this book the more excited I get. I cannot wait to read this! It's such a fun title and I love the cover. Once you actually look at it you know that it's going to be *AT LEAST* set in the 90s. I love books with music in them, so this one and I should get along swell. Nice review! :)

Liviania said...

This one sounds pretty cool. I guess the 90s revival extends to books!

jonyangorg said...

Clearly I need to read this right now. And it's set in New York! I'm curious how the 90s reference hit home for people not raised in the Nineties? Or that's irrelevant since everything in the 90s has been rehashed now?

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