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Long overdue event recaps

I've been to a ton of signings over the last month or so, and it's time I shared some of those pictures with all of you! So here goes...

Way back when on the first Saturday of this month, I headed over to Books of Wonder for a fun event featuring authors Sarah Beth Durst, Kristi Cook, Kit Grindstaff, Phoebe North, Jonathan Maberry, and Nancy Ohlin.

Kristi Cook, Phoebe North, Jonathan Maberry
Sarah Beth Durst, Nancy Ohlin, Kit Grindstaff

The authors all talked briefly about their books before doing a brief Q&A with the audience. I had a lovely time chatting with the wonderful Sarah Beth Durst!

Then, that evening, I went to BookCourt in Brooklyn for the launch of Kass Morgan's debut, The 100.

Kass Morgan

There was a huge turnout, which is always great to see. I really enjoyed getting to hear Kass introduce her book and read a small segment from her novel. I hung around a little while after the main event was over to chat with my former boss from my Scholastic internship.

The following Monday, I went to the Barnes & Noble in Union Square for a really great event with David Levithan, Robin Wasserman, Natalie Standiford, and Kass Morgan.

Natalie Standiford, Robin Wasserman, Kass Morgan, David Levithan

Each author read from his or her new book and chatted a bit amongst themselves before opening the floor to Q&A with the audience. With four particularly awesome authors, the event was quite packed, and I had a lovely time hanging out with bookish friends Renee and Nicole as well as authors Alison Cherry and Courtney Sheinmel.

Then, on that Wednesday, I headed over the the NYPL branch at Jefferson Market for September's Teen Author Reading Night with six wonderful authors (three of which I'd seen a couple of days before at their event at Barnes & Noble).

David Levithan, Natalie Standiford, Arin Greenwood, Melinda Taub, Robin Wasserman, Sarah Polsky

The format for Teen Author Reading Night is almost always the same, and includes a brief introduction to each author, a short reading from his or her new book, some Q&A from the moderator (usually David Levithan), and then Q&A with the audience. I love coming to these events every month because there's always an interesting mix of authors and I always get to chat with some of my favorite bookish people!

The following week, I braved the G train to go to the bookstore WORD in Greenpoint for Leila Sales' launch party for This Song Will Save Your Life.

Leila Sales

Tragically, I had to leave early, so I was only able to stay long enough to hear Leila read from the first chapter of her book. Nonetheless, the short amount of time that I spent at the event was wonderful; I especially loved getting to hang out with my bookish friends Renee, Marisa, and Nicole as well as authors Alison Cherry, Lindsay Ribar, and Michael Northrop.

Then there was the Brooklyn Book Festival, but I'm going to save that for an entire other post!

The last Tuesday of the month, I went back to Books of Wonder for an event I'd been eagerly awaiting for a long, long time: Ally Carter's NYC event! There were other authors there as well, including Amy Christine Parker, Elizabeth Kiem, and Kass Morgan (yep, the same one I'd see two other times this month!), but to be perfectly honest, I was mostly there for Ally.

Ally Carter, Amy Christine Parker, Elizabeth Kiem, Kass Morgan

I was so excited that I dressed up for the event with my friend Renee. We'd like to think that we're Gallagher Girls. We even made pins with the Gallagher Academy crest (and gave one to Ally!). Was it worth it? Absolutely!

Gallagher Girls!

Whew, that was a bit of a marathon! But at least I ended this post on a particularly high note (i.e. my Gallagher Girl dreams coming true!).

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holdenj said...

I think I'll definitely have to add Books of Wonder to the list of places to visit in NYC, along with the Strand.
Love the Gallagher pins--there's an etsy shop idea in there somewhere!
Thanks for all the updates.

Unknown said...

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