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Prom Kings and Drama Queens by Dorian Cirrone

Prom Kings and Drama QueensVeni, vidi…Or in English, I came, I saw, I read Prom Kings and Drama Queens. And it was fantastic.

To tell the truth, I had my doubts about this book when I first saw it just because of the title. I thought it was going to be another one of those girly and overdramatic stories. But I was pleasantly surprised.

This is the story of Emily Bennet, a junior in high school who aspires to be the editor in chief of her school newspaper and the girlfriend of the Boy Next Door and to do something great. The chapter titles as newspaper headlines about Hurricane Emily are cute and help compare Emily’s life with a natural storm, meaning sometimes she knows where she’s going and sometimes things are just unpredictable.

I think the ending was a bit too cutesy and perfect for my taste, but it does wrap the story up well as the novel leaves Emily with a sense of self-accomplishment. I would recommend this book for younger teens and middle-schoolers. I found this book an easy and short read, so I don't think older teens would get to much into it.

This book is scheduled to be released on February 26, 2008.

Rating: 3.5

Review copy from publisher HarperCollins

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debbiereedfischer said...

Thanks for this review. I'll definitely check it out. I loved her first one, Dancing in Red Shoes will Kill You.

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