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A-Z Reading Challenge

That's right, I've joined another reading challenge (even if it's a bit late). Thank you to Muffins.and.Books who tagged me to join it. I'm supposed to tag three more people, but being the lazy person I am, I'll just make it a free for all. Of course, if you decide to join, don't forget to sign up.

So what is this challenge? Well, I have to read 52 books. Easy right? But the catch is that there has to be a different book and a different author for every letter of the alphabet. That makes it much harder.

Because this page is already so cluttered, I am making a new blog to keep track of all the books for this challenge. You can check out my progress here. Feel free to leave book suggestions too.

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Joy said...

Welcome to the A ~ Z Reading Challenge! You've been busy, busy, busy linking all your reviews. I need to look at them more closely. What fun!

Unfortunately, I had to delete The Foundling under the "F" Titles because it didn't link to a review. You may want to relink.

Happy Reading and thanks for joining us! :)

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