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How to Pick a Winner

Well, today was the day to pick a winner for my 100th post contest. I long debated with myself how I should go about this task. “Well, Rachael,” I said to myself, “There are a number of ways you can complete this small feat.” And thus I came up with the possibilities:

  1. make a list of names and have your mother/sister/other relative pick a number (after assigning everyone a number of course)
  2. the same except use one of those online randomizer thingies
  3. close your eyes and point (probably the worst idea)
  4. make up some weird/wacky thing involving numbers and letters that will eventually lead you to a winner
  5. use an ouija board; it knows all
  6. write each name on a slip of paper and stick them in a funky/cool hat/boot/bowl-like-thing

Since I decided that the first two options were too boring, the third was just a bad idea, I didn’t know how to do number 4, and I don’t own an ouija board, I had to go with the last idea. Thus...

...this awesome beret turned into...

...a container for slips of paper from which I picked the winner...

...who is (for those of you who don't have magnifying glasses)...


Congrats, Meredith!!! I will be in touch with you soon via email. If you don't respond back within a week, I will be forced to pick another winner.

I want to thank all of you who entered into my contest; I had over 100 entries!!! Whoo hoo! That's awesome. And don't despair if you didn't win! I will probably be holding more contests soon (there's one going on for two e-books) and you can always enter one of the contests on my list.

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Rachel said...

Heey, I'm holding a contest at my site, and I was wondering if you could add it to your contest list? I'll automatically give you the extra enteries that you get for doing that and I'll enter you too if you like :D
For more info just look at my site :D Thankkss!

ambeen said...

Congrats Meredith!

I love your beret. I'd never be able to pull it off but you look cute. ;)

The Book Muncher said...

thanks ambeen! :D

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