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Who's RAD? Cherry Cheva!

Dun dun dun dun! (fancy fanfare music)

Everyone give a warm welcome to Cherry Cheva, author of the hilarious She’s So Money who also happens to write for Family Guy. Hmm, put that together, and we’ve got a very funny and talented author (named above, obviously).


Random Q&A:

Complete the sentence: It can't be, I thought, slowly turning around to find ___.
...the gray neighborhood cat that used to visit my house a lot when I was in sixth grade. Awww, it was such a friendly cat!

If you won one million dollars, how would you spend it?
Fancy hotels, fancy hotel room service, clothes, foofy skin care products, presents for my family, and I actually don't think all of that stuff would really make that big a dent in a million dollars, so I would probably end up saving a big chunk of it, or—oh, I know, flying around on a private jet. That would take care of the million pretty quickly. :)

What is the last song you listened to (or remember listening to)?
Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis. I liked it anyway, now I super like it on account of Mark and Chelsie's recent routine on So You Think You Can Dance.


the guest blog:

You guys, my next book is kicking my ass.

Kicking. My ass.

Am I having fun with it? Sure. But let’s just say that it’s due soon enough that I would be just a leeeetle bit more comfortable if I were further along than I currently am. Or if I had a dozen quick-typing elves helping me write it, or one of those Harry Potter time-turner gizmos. Now, I’m no stranger to spewing out a whole bunch of pages in a short period of time, as I was not exactly the sort of person who started my high school and college papers the minute they were assigned (understatement). I’m also no stranger to being completely and totally wrecked from lack of sleep, due to much the same reason.

However. It is still no picnic realizing that your deadline fast approacheth whilst your page count is still very shorteth. And the fact that this week is the table read for my most recent Family Guy episode just adds the frenzied icing onto the panicky writer cake. I mean look at those two sentences I just wrote. Do they even make any sense? Shoot, I hope so. Because otherwise I’m gonna have to hop on my book’s bandwagon, and start kicking my own ass.

But first, I’ve got about a zillion pages to write.

And during said writing, a bunch of Diet Cokes to drink.

And during said drinking, perhaps a trip over to the TV to see what’s on.

Dammit, there I go, procrastinating again. :)


Thanks so much Cherry (you have a very cool name by the way!).

Hehe, I’m a procrastinator too (as I’m sure many of us are). So for those of you who have yet to read Cherry Cheva’s great novel She’s So Money, get your butt out there and do so right now!! I promise you won’t regret the laughs you get from it. Also, don’t forget to chat with Cherry (haha, alliteration) over at her MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/cherrycheva

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*Heather* said...

I haven't read She's So Money yet, but after so many recommendations, I think I should.

ambeen said...

I am obsessed with Mark and Chelsie's Bleeding Love routine! It was so good. Like you, I liked the song before but now love it. :D

BooksandLove said...

loved the quest blog :)

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