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Thank YOU (yes, you!)

It’s Book Blogger Appreciation Week. Woot woot!! Yay, and as my first task, I get to appreciate all my favorite blogs that didn’t get nominated. So, here I go!

Book Chic was my second inspiration for starting this book blogging business, so of course he gets top spot here on my appreciation list!! (My first, The Page Flipper is also a finalist). Besides, James is just a rocking reviewer anyway :D
Bookluver-Carol is also just an all around awesome reviewer. I love chatting with her about books, because she's nearly always reading something great. My Amazon wishlist is a whole lot longer because of her!
Steph of Reviewer X is definitely one of the coolest reviewers in the business. Her reviews are seriously like no other and extremely thorough. And, she runs this totally awesome link roundup with Kristi of The Story Siren every week! Talk about hard work!
Tasha from And Another Book Read is another fabulous reviewer. Plus she's got frequent and also fabulous author visits I love to read (or skim if I'm super busy!). Tasha's reviews also help my Amazon wishlist grow.
Kelsey from Reading Keeps You Sane always makes me wish I discovered the joys of book reviewing a couple years ago, just because she's a great reviewer and younger than me. Plus it helps that I *helped inspire* her to start book blogging. Very cool!! Also, I think her really cool blog layouts should be mentioned because they're always so colorful and creative, not to mention gorgeous!
Dominique of The Book Vault is yet another fantastic reviewer. I think it's so cool that she was the YABC teen Demi-Goddess (resident teen reviewer) only a couple of years ago. YABC is one of my favorite book websites, and her ex-position (currently held by The Page Flipper) is what I secretly aspire to be (or not to secretly). I think it would be way cool to review for one of my favorite book websites ever!
Last but definitely not least, I believe The Compulsive Reader also deserves honorable mention for being such a long-standing and remarkable (I'm starting to run out of adjectives!) reviewer. She is seriously like the meaning of book dedication with new reviews (or at least something) nearly every day!
(Did you notice how I tried to coordinate the colors of the reviewing blogs to their layout color scheme! Believe me, it's trickier than it looks with my limited color selection!)

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cat said...

Very coordinated with the colours. I did notice it as I was reading but thought I was just imagining things. :)

Kelsey said...

Rachael! Thanks so much, it means so much to mean, you have no idea, I have NO time to do this today, so I'll probably add this list to my BBAW thing tomorrow.

mari said...

I did notice, actually. :)
Great blogs.

Book Chic said...

Aww!! You are so sweet!!! :) Reading all these various blogs talking about their own favorite blogs and such is so nice because it's great to a)see what people think of me (yeah, I'm shallow, lol) and b) see what people think of the other blogs I read too. Like I said on Reader Rabbit, you'd definitely be on my list if I were doing one, lol.

Amy said...

Some great picks! I do wish everyone could have been nominated. Thanks for participating!

Dominique said...

aww!! thanks soo much for mentioning me!! I'm really touched! :D
love the colors!! :D

LaShaunda said...

I’m part of the Book Blogger Appreciation week and I wanted to thank you for all you do to help promote books.

Steph said...

Thank you so much for the mention! You're awesome, Rachael =) (And I love the color-coordination thingy!)


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