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Who's RAD? Shobhan Bantwal!


Shobhan Bantwal is an Indian American writer and the author of The Dowry Bride and her newest novel, The Forbidden Daughter. Her writing is a fusion of both cultures.


Random Q&A:

If you could live during any time period, what would it be?
I believe the present is a very exciting time to be living in. When computers make it so much easier to become a published author, cell phones make wireless communication a breeze, and a delicious frozen dinner can be ready in minutes in the microwave oven, who could ask for more?

Describe yourself in 3 words.
Voracious chocoholic reader.

Complete the sentence: It's opposite day, and you ___.
...lose yourself in thought.


the guest blog:

Prosperity but not Progress

My current book, The Forbidden Daughter, opens with a few lines from a folk song from the state of Uttar Pradesh in northern India. Roughly translated from Hindi, this is what it says:

Oh, Lord, I beg of you.
I fall at your feet time and again.
In my next incarnation, don't give me a daughter;
Give me hell instead . . .

This song is a sad expression of the collective sentiments of a large segment of the Indian population. No one seems to know who the songwriter is, but the lyrics capture the essence of the Indian psyche most effectively with a few brief lines.

India, once considered a third-world country, has achieved such phenomenal economic growth during the last decade that it is now vying for a spot on the map with the more affluent countries. Some of the wealthiest individuals of the world are from India. It also has a rich and diversified culture, filled with colorful folklore, gracious people, a delightful profusion of regional cuisines, and breathtaking natural wonders.

Educational levels have gone up steadily as well, and women are now almost as educated as the male population of India. The high-tech and manufacturing industries are booming, keeping pace with China’s success in these areas. And yet, despite all this prosperity and its giant strides toward modernization, there is marked lack of social progress. India still remains mired in conservatism. Customs like dowry are still rampant and exist amongst all castes and classes. Female children are still considered undesirable in many families.

Laws to prevent both female feticide and dowry have been in effect for many decades, yet both practices are alive and well. It is precisely to bring these issues to light that I wrote my two books. Weaving social issues into fictional stories I felt was an effective way to make the subjects more enticing to read. To that end, I hope I have achieved my goal to expose female feticide at least to some degree with The Forbidden Daughter.

Thank you for offering me an opportunity to present my latest book, The Forbidden Daughter. An excerpt and book video are available on my website: http://www.shobhanbantwal.com/


Thanks Shobhan. I look forward to reading The Forbidden Daughter soon.

As stated above, you can find more info on Shobhan and her novels at her website.

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