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Book signing overload...in a good way

I went to two book singings this week. For some reason, I thought it was a good idea to post all of this at once, so I apologize if it seems like an overload of book signing pictures and commentary!

On Thursday, I went to the publication party for Edges by Léna Roy. My main motivation for doing so was because I saw her at the November Teen Author Reading Night at the NYPL Jefferson Market branch. That, and she's a Barnard alum, and I make a point of going to all Barnard alum author events.

Léna Roy reads from Edges

Courtney Sheinmel, another Barnard alum author, was also there, but unfortunately, all the other Banardians left before we could take a Barnard group picture. I also chatted with a wonderful Macmillan publicist who I met previously at the Halo release party and met Léna's fantastic agent.

Then, on Sunday, I went back to Books of Wonder with a friend in order to see a LOT of YA authors. By a lot, I mean 10. That's the most I've ever seen at once. It was pretty awesome, if not almost overwhelming.

So, who was there? Rachel Cohn, David Levithan (yeah, this is the fourth time I've seen him and Rachel for Dash & Lily), Kirsten Miller, Richard Peck, Adele Griffin, Lisa Greenwald, Esther Friesner, Matt de la Peña, Flynn Meaney, and Samantha Schutz.

Esther Friesner, Matt de la Peña, Flynn Meaney, and Samantha Schutz

Richard Peck, Adele Griffin, and Lisa Greenwald

David Levithan, Rachel Cohn, and Kirsten Miller

I had a really wonderful time chatting with Samantha, Flynn, Adele, Rachel, and Kirsten, in particular.

Samantha Schutz and me

my friend Clara, Flynn Meaney, and me

me, my friend Clara, and Kirsten Miller
we're all Barnard girls!

I was especially excited when Rachel told me that Kirsten, like her, is a Barnard girl. So, of course, I had to go interrupt her current conversation because I'm a Barnard girl too. Kirsten is a total sweetheart! She even gave me her own copy of The Eternal Ones and signed it because I gave away my ARC earlier.

As is the case with practically all book signings and events in NYC, there are interesting people in the audience in addition to those reading and signing. I saw J.A. Yang, who I met at an earlier book signing for the 2009 Debs, and, completely by chance, I ran into Kelsey from The Book Scout. I love meeting other book reviewers because frankly, I don't get to that often.

Kelsey, The Book Scout, and me

So, I would say that the week was very productive in the way of book signings.

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The Book Brat said...

Aw! Lucky! The only thing we have is the National Book festival in DC. Other than that hardly anything else (within reasonable public transportation distance). ::sigh:: I'm really glad you had fun though.

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