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Interview with Megan Miranda

And now for a quick interview with Megan Miranda, whose debut novel Fracture, comes out next week!

What has your experience as a debut author been like so far?
I feel incredibly fortunate. My experience as a debut author has been nothing short of wonderful. That’s not to say it also hasn’t been hard work (it has), but it’s been a very rewarding experience. I think the thing that makes the debut experience so different is that you’re learning so much of the process as you go. Pretty much everything is…surprising. At least it has been for me. With that said, it’s been surprising in a pretty exciting way.

What has been the best part of the publishing process for you? the worst?
I think, like any job, there are aspects of it that are more difficult than others, but I definitely wouldn’t call them bad. Some of the hardest parts (like revisions) turned out to be the best part of the process, as it made my book that much stronger. Right now, I’d say this is my favorite part, though. Getting ready to launch the book that we’ve all spent the last few years working on. It’s a really exciting time.

What sort of research did you have to do for this novel?
I did a lot of fact checking for a lot of the science aspects, and I did a lot of research about ice safety J I feel pretty confident that I now know how to rescue someone who has fallen through the ice…

What is the most interesting thing you learned while writing Fracture? (This can be about yourself, about writing, or anything at all).
I learned a lot about my writing process. I start with characters instead of plot, so my early drafts tend to have my characters wandering around without a story. I usually have to throw out the first draft completely, but I typically have a pretty good feel for my characters by then.

What is the most rewarding part about being a young adult author?
I think the young adult community is so incredibly supportive and very approachable. Writers, people in publishing, bloggers, readers—everyone seems to be online and connected. This also extends in person. People are always willing to meet up and support each other, and I think this is such a rare thing in most industries.

If there was one thing you could change about Fracture, what would it be?
It’s not something I’d really choose to change, because I like that the book is told solely through Delaney’s point of view, but I would’ve liked to explore the back-story of one of the side characters even further, from his perspective. But it doesn't really have a place in Delaney’s story.

What are you working on next?
I have another standalone, set to come out early 2013. It’s a psychological thriller about memories, the thin line between the real and the imagined, and friendship.

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