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Tale of a book signing with Andrea Cremer

A few days ago, I went to my first California book signing in years. Yes, years. It felt weird not to be able to hop on the subway and take a ride to my local Barnes & Noble like I do in New York City, but fear not, I made it safely in my friend's car.

I was super excited to soothe my book event withdrawal, which occurs every time I come back to California during a school break, and also to see author Andrea Cremer, who's on tour to promote the last book in the Nightshade trilogy, Bloodrose. It's always a little awkward for me when I go to book events for books that I haven't read yet, especially when I don't have my book signing regulars to distract me from my own awkwardness, and especially when my copy of Bloodrose bears the battle scars from losing a fight with a Brita filter...long story. But of course, I needn't have worried, because it was a thoroughly enjoyable event!

Andrea Cremer! (I apologize for the poor picture quality of my iPod)

Andrea read a favorite scene from Bloodrose, and then took lots of questions from an eager audience. I was especially excited to hear about the projects she's working on next, including two prequels and other books set in the world of Nightshade, a steampunk trilogy, as well as a collaboration with the famed David Levithan. Needless to say, there is cause for my excitement!

EDIT: me, my friend Kristi, and Andrea Cremer! (thanks to Kristi for this picture)

My good friend Kristi and I got our books signed and also got to snag some pretty cool posters featuring the new (well, new in a relative sense) cover art for Nightshade. Yes, we got those signed too. And yes, I have one to give away here!


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Khy said...

Oh man, how did I miss this? I totally could have went! Oh well; it seems like it was a great event!

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