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Tale of a book signing with Jen Calonita, Kody Keplinger, Cat Patrick, Jennifer E. Smith, & Alecia Whitaker

As any New Yorker will tell you, it's a huge pain to get from the Upper West Side (where I live) to the Upper East Side. There are no crosstown subways this far north, so either you have to go all the way down or all the way up to the Bronx first or take the bus....yadda yadda yadda, you get the point!

Needless to say, it takes a lot to get me to go to the Upper East Side, but fortunately, an awesome book signing is just the thing! That's why, last Wednesday, I found myself in the UES Barnes & Noble for a panel with five lovely Little, Brown authors: Jen Calonita, Kody Keplinger, Cat Patrick, Jennifer E. Smith, and Alecia Whitaker.

L to R: Cat Patrick, Kody Keplinger, Jen Calonita, Alecia Whitaker, & Jennifer E. Smith

Each author introduced her new or most recent book then discussed a number of things from how they started writing to their writing process to what they're working on next. Then everyone in the audience had the opportunity to ask their own questions.

I had a lovely time chatting briefly with each of the authors, getting my copies of Belles and Revived signed (since I already have signed books from Kody Keplinger, Alecia Whitaker, and Jennifer E. Smith), and chatting with my favorite bookish people, including Mitali of Teen Author Carnival and Kody's agent.

Did I mention that there were cupcakes?

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sarabara081 said...

That sounds like a great event to go to! And all authors I would love to see. Cat Patrick was at a local event yesterday and she was great! :)

fakesteph said...

I love author events. Looks lik eyou had a lot of fun.

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