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Origin blog tour

Debut author Jessica Khoury gives readers a little taste of her thoughts and experience while writing Origin. What was going through her head on page 62? Let's find out...

“It’s a map of the world, Alai.” He’s already lost interest, but I’m completely enthralled.

I’ve never seen one before. There’s not a single map in Little Cam that’s not locked away from view, except for the one hanging in plastic in the maintenance building, but it just shows the area inside the fence.

This map shows continents and oceans and countries and mountains, an entire world. The world. My world.” (Origin, page 62)

If I were looking at a map of the world for the first time, I’d want to go as far as possible from where I am. It’s hard to tell much about a place from just a map, especially with no prior knowledge of the places on it, so all I’d have to go on would be the colors and shapes. I think I’d be intrigued by the Sahara desert, because if I were Pia, living in the jungle, the idea of a place with no trees at all would fascinate me. I’d probably also be intrigued by an island, and the thought of being entirely surrounded by water. Knowing what I know about the world, however, I’d want to go to New Zealand or Tibet. New Zealand because the landscape is just jaw-dropping (and okay, yes, also Hobbiton) and Tibet because it just seems so mysterious. It’s this huge tract of land on the map which I know very little about, which makes me want to explore it.


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