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I Rocked the Drop!

A couple weeks ago, on 4/18, was Teen Lit Day, and I celebrated by Rocking the Drop!

While last year, I was able to document each and every of my 8 drops (and then live tweet them, of course), this year didn't quite work out that well. I had to go into my internship, so I couldn't exactly leisurely stroll around looking for great new places to drop my books. Instead, I gathered up my 10 books this year, woke up early, took a morning walk through the upper part of Riverside Park, and dropped all my books within 20 blocks or so.

the awesome books I dropped—some signed, some unreleased ARCs

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take another walk through the part later that day to see the results of my efforts (that people picked up my books!), but I have no doubt they have all found happy new homes. And this is why Teen Lit Day and Rock the Drop are one of my favorite days of the year!

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Ann@Blogging-Profits-Unleashed said...

That's cool Rachel! There's no doubt, you made someone happy reading your books. I hope someday, I'll pick some too!

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