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What has The Book Muncher been up to?

You've probably noticed that I took about a month-long hiatus from this blog. Why? Well, after graduating from college, I realized I needed a little break from everything. I'd been working the same schedule of college priorities (for three years) and running this blog (for over five and a half years) that I needed to pause to take a breath.

So now that I've taken that breath, I'm back!

This is actually somewhat of a surprise to me. Originally, I intended to close down this blog after graduation to focus on my goal of becoming a publishing professional. I hadn't really enjoyed blogging in a while; it became more about scheduling posts than a hobby. But, even through all of that, I love this blog. It's connected me with so many other readers, led to so many interesting discussions, and given me so many amazing opportunities. So I've decided to stick around for a little while longer, after all.

With all that in mind, there will be some slight changes around here. Most importantly, I will probably be posting fewer full length reviews in favor of shorter ones (i.e. Quick Snacks)—you'll still get my thoughts on the books I've read, only more succinctly. I'll still be doing interviews, blog tour features, event recaps, contests, and the like, because those are always fun (both for you guys and for me too). Other than that, I'm not sure yet, so I guess we'll just see what happens!

So that's that! Thanks to everyone who's stuck with me this whole time!

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Lenore Appelhans said...

Don't ever leave us!

holdenj said...

Welcome back!
And congrats on your graduation and pursuing your dream job!
Look forward to quick snacks of any type!

Rachael Stein said...

Thanks all!

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