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The Alphabetical Hookup List A-J by Phoebe McPhee

Alphabetical Hook-Up List A-JThree girls are pushed into each other's worlds when they find out that they are to share a dorm. Welcome to college life at Pollard University.

The cast consists of three girls: Jodi Stein, Celeste Alexander, and Ali Sheppard. Jodi is the popular girl. She's been with her boyfriend since high school and is used to getting what she wants. Celeste is the smart girl. She is embarrassed by her parents who gave something to smoke when they took her to college. Lastly is Ali. She is just kind of a lost soul and she wants to know where she fits in.

They are all brought together when Jodi discovers her boyfriend cheating on her, Celeste discovers her date is gay, and Ali's long-distance boyfriend breaks up with her. In their misery they create a game: the Alphabetical Hookup List. The rules are simple:

  1. "Each girl has to kiss...one guy for every letter of the alphabet in order from A through Z as long as it takes to think the alphabet song.
  2. For each letter completed, each girl will receive a Scrabble tile with that letter on it.
  3. If for some unfathomable reason the end of the school hear comes and no one has completer their lists, the person with the most letter completed will be the winner.
  4. The AHUL must be kept a secret."

I would say that this book is cute, but I the first in the series didn't interest me that much, so I'm not likely to finish the rest of the series. There is some mention of drinking, sex, and drugs. I would not recommend this book except for people who like short reads involving girls discovering themselves and love.

Rating: 3.25

Review copy from personal collection

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