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Bling Addiction by Kylie Adams

Bling Addiction: Fast Girls, Hot Boys SeriesThis is the second book in the Fast Girls, Hot Boys series. The first one in the series was called Cruel Summer.

At the beginning of both books, there is a hinting that one of the Fab Five won't make it to graduation, which is what propels the rest of the book forward and holds most of my interest.

Let me back up a little and introduce the cast. Vanity is beautiful and has social power, but she's got a lot of problems only her psychiatrist knows about. Max is the son of a movie star a bit too obsessed with sex and very protective of his younger sister. Cristina is obsessed with anime and has secret feelings for Vanity. Dante comes from a working-class background but dreams of being the next greatest thing to come to hip-hop. And then there's Pippa, the gorgeous British girl who will do anything to get money, including stripping.

This series is a fast read. There is an overuse of the word "bling" as there is an overuse of the word "cruel" in the first book in the series. There are a lot of mentions of sex, drinking, and drugs, and many of the characters' problems have already been addressed in other books. A lot of the book, including the characters' problems, seems cliché.

I would not recommend it if you are looking for a deep and meaningful read, as this isn't one. However, if you are looking for light summer read that's interesting, this series should be your choice.

Rating: 3.25

Review copy from personal collection

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Kylie Adams makes sure that all those crazy parties and everything wild that goes on in South Beach is featured in BLING ADDICTION. Even though these characters seem so far out there, everyone is definitely able to relate to them, in more ways then one.

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