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Once Upon a Prom: Dream by Jeanine Le Ny

Dream (Once Upon A Prom)It’s senior year and prom is coming up – in a mere four months! There are plans and preparations to be made regarding dates, dresses, and getting permission to attend. Best friends Jordan, Tara, and Nisha are caught up on the pre-prom mood; all are thrilled to go. Jordan has the perfect dress and date and, being a gorgeous blonde cheerleader, will probably be prom queen; but lately, after having met a different guy, she’s having doubts if prom queen is really what she wants. Tara is the head of the prom committee, but her other prom plans aren’t turning out so nicely; she can’t even find a decent dress or date – until a secret admirer starts texting her. Nisha’s afraid her strict Indian parents won’t let her go to the dance, seeing they forbid her to date, but Nisha’s determined to go with her boyfriend (the one her parents don’t know about). As prom date looms ever closer, these girls’ lives will change as well.

Dream was overall a very cute book, but very average. There wasn't really anything that made this novel stand out from other girly books I've read. There are the boy drama and fashion dilemmas classic to chick lit. The only thing that was missing was the friendship spats, and I hate to say this, but I actually think that a fight amongst the friends would've made the story more realistic because these three friends seemed really different from each other. I wasn't always rooting for the characters either: Tara came off as a shallow girl, Jordan seemed very confused, and Nisha couldn't get her priorities straight. If there's one thing in the characters I could admire, it was their persistence in what they believed in.

This novel is good if you're only looking for a short and light read, because the story isn't particularly meaningful. Dream was not one of my favorite novels and not one that I'd recommend unless you are a devotee to all things chick lit.

Rating: 3.0

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Lenore Appelhans said...

I was never much a fan of prom anyway...

Anonymous said...

Me being only 11 years of age think that this book is great. I would reccomend it for any girl interested in princessy cutesy prom book. This is at the top of my list.

Anonymous said...

I think this book is great. Read it at least 2 times. Great for kids!♥

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