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The Crown of Zeus by Christine Norris

The Crown of Zeus (Library of Athena)Sir Gregory was a man of many accomplishments. He was an archeologist who traveled the world and collected art and antiques. But only a few close employees knew of his other hobbies, namely a fascination with magic and mythology. Only these select few people know of all the secrets hidden within his house once Sir Gregory has passed on, leaving behind his secrets and rumors that his ghost still haunts his house.

Megan Montgomery is having trouble adjusting to her new life in England after a big move from New York City. She has to adjust to a new country, school, and home - the Parthenon - all the while trying to make some friends. But when three girls from school, Rachel, Harriet, and Claire, show interest in Megan's new home, she uses the chance to invite them over for a sleepover in hopes of befriending them.

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Rating: 3.75

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