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Repossessed by A.M. Jenkins

RepossessedKiriel is sick of Hell; that’s where he works. He’s a demon although he prefers to be called a Fallen Angel. So, he decides to take a vacation by stealing the body of a slacker teen named Shaun. It seems a good way for him to experience human emotions and experiences. Even though Kiriel could get in a lot of trouble for his vacation, he risks it, because he was in Hell to begin with and he would only be sent back there. But as Kiriel experiences life in Shaun’s body, he starts to develop relationships with those close to Shaun which could cause complications when someone higher up finally notices Kiriel has left his post in Hell.

The story in Repossessed was very interesting, yet I felt it didn’t go very deep. I think that’s because even thought Kiriel spent some time in a human body, he still didn’t fully understand what it is to be human. I really liked how many of Kiriel’s actions were very humorous though; for example, he enjoys doing Shaun’s homework because he likes using different writing instruments. However, that worked against the story in the end, because Kiriel wanted to leave some kind of footprint behind on earth from his short time there and the story got more serious.

Repossessed was enjoyable, but the story didn’t really stand out for me despite its uniqueness. Readers who like humorous, if not action-filled, stories will enjoy this novel.

Rating: 4.0

Review copy from library

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Amee said...

Sounds interesting. Although I can't say I would agree about the understanding what it is to be human part. I mean, could you give me a definitive answer of what it is to be human? I couldn't. It's like wanting to know the meaning of life. So I guess I can understand where the author may have been going with that. I'll have to read and see. :P

Dominique said...

I think our library has a copy of this book--might have to check it out. the cover's pretty cool though!

Maggz said...

It's the best book ever. It is a slow book but it's so gripping you don't even notice

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