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It's All About Us by Shelley Adina

It's All About Us (All About Us Series, Book 1)Lissa Mansfield has never had trouble fitting in with the popular crowd until she attends Spencer Academy, an upscale boarding school in San Francisco. And with a recent breakup with her boyfriend from her previous school, Lissa’s determined to snag the hottest guy at Spencer Academy, Callum McCloud. But once she does, Callum starts pressuring Lissa to go farther than she wants to in their relationship. Lissa must find strength among her friends, both new and old, within herself, and also from her beliefs in Christianity to resolve her quickly multiplying problems.

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Rating: 4.0

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Anonymous said...

I just finished reading this book! It was AMAZING!!! I Can't wait to read the next one!

Anonymous said...

I am in the middle of the second book to the series... the first book was great there were many parts where i couldn't stop reading because of how interesting this book was. I love these books and i was so happy when i got this book as a gift and it even had the authors signature:)

Anonymous said...

woww i just finished this book, and its amazing, can't wait to read the next ones!!

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