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The Curse of Addy McMahon by Katie Davis

The Curse of Addy McMahonAddy is convinced that she is a cursed girl. After all, her mother’s boyfriend Jonathon is moving in, her worst enemy saw her shopping for a training bra, and her father died of cancer. And even when she has good intentions, such as surprising her best friend Jackie with the spectacular interview she wrote about her, things gets messed up—Addy made the mistake of attaching the wrong document to an email and now best friends have become ex-friends. So, it’s either all the bad luck in the world heaped onto Addy or that family curse that is causing Addy’s troubles in the form of a father’s absence, an unwanted house guest, an ex-friend’s cold shoulder, and an enemy’s spiteful attitude. Addy doesn’t know how in the world she’s going to get out of the mess she’s in, but she does know that writing and drawing cartoons make her feel a whole lot better – until they get her into trouble, that is. In the midst of all her troubles, Addy has to learn to take responsibility for her actions and risks to get a reward.

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Rating: 4.0

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