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The Legend of Mickey Tussler by Frank Nappi

The Legend of Mickey TusslerArthur Murphy is the coach and scout for the minor league Milwaukee Brewers. He used to be a baseball star before a collision with another player injured him and ruined his promising career. But he’s also a good and caring man, which is why, when he meets odd Mickey Tussler, a hulking seventeen-year-old farm boy with an ability to throw very accurately, he is determined to help both of them by recruiting Mickey to pitch for the Brewers. Mickey has an arm like no one has seen, and his early successes on the field help him win over the hearts of his teammates and fans. But jealousy from an opposing team and even a disgruntled teammate stack the odds against Mickey, especially when Murph and Pee Wee, one of Mickey’s closer teammates, aren’t there to protect him. Mickey’s situation is even more difficult because he suffers from autism, although this was before it had a name. The world of minor league baseball is a tough one, and Mickey and his team, the Brewers, are definite underdogs.

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Rating: 4.0

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