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Life As We Knew it by Susan Beth Pfeffer

Life As We Knew ItMiranda hears the news about the meteor about to hit the moon but isn’t concerned, because even though it will be the largest to ever do so, scientists don’t predict anything bad to happen. But they were wrong. As Miranda and her family watch, the meteor crashes into the moon, knocking it out of orbit and closer to the earth. Everything changes. With the tides drastically altered, natural disasters are occurring worldwide causing thousands of casualties, with no end in sight. Everyone is affected as gas prices rise to above $10 a gallon, supermarkets close, and other stores and the homes of dead people are ransacked. As the climate changes only for the worse, Miranda and her family find themselves in an increasingly desperate situation, continuously wondering just how long their current supplies can sustain them and which of them will be the first to go.

Although Life As We Knew It is an extremely depressing novel, it was also extremely well-written. The story is filled with a constant air of desperation and sadness as Miranda struggles between self-pity and actively helping her family. I really enjoyed how Miranda’s character was so nicely developed; she really matured throughout the novel because of the horrible situation she and her family were in. The idea behind this novel is so unique, and it really makes you think and ask yourself, what if the world would end tomorrow? It makes you really take into account what you should be grateful in your life, because a totally unpredictable natural occurrence could change your life tomorrow.

Life As We Knew It is a scary novel that I’d only recommend for serious readers. I didn’t necessarily enjoy reading this dismal tale, but it has a great message and unforgettable story.

Rating: 4.5

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Carolina said...

Sounds like a great book. I'll check it out. Great review!Thanks for adding me to your link list.

Michele said...

Sounds like an interesting book. Your comment of you didn't like it but you recommend it reminds me of "We need to talk about Kevin". That was well-written, a good book, but the subject matter just didn't lend itself to liking it. Thanks for sharing.

Gabbi said...

I loved reading this novel, a couple months ago, it must have been. Very scary in that Day After Tomorrow way. There's a sequel, too, "the dead and the gone" (no caps!) and I think Pfeffer's planning another one.

Readingjunky said...

I agree, it is scary. I still find myself thinking "What if..."

I'm currently reading The Dead & the Gone. Liking it so far, although not as scary since I'm familiar with the basic scenario. I do like the fact that it gives the male POV, and it is set in a different part of the country dealing with different concerns.

Readingjunky said...
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Amee said...

Sounds good but I am cutting back on my serious and/or scary books. I've read several in the last couple weeks and it's draining. I enjoy the funny and light hearted so much more.

Great review though!

Anonymous said...

Sounds appealing, but i just read 13 Reasons Why and In the Woods. . . enough creepy/eery/scary books for a while.

Thanks For The Review!

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