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Zeta or Omega? by Kate Harmon

Zeta or Omega? [SORORITY 101 01 ZETA OR OMEGA]Three girls, Jenna, Roni, and Lora-Leigh are all headed to Latimer University to start their freshmen year – but all with different ideas of what freshmen year should be. Lora-Leigh has lived in Lattimer, Florida all her life and despises that her parents are making her stay another year before she can finally go off to a fashion school. Roni wants to get away from the rich snobbiness of her parents and their friends and to finally do something for herself. Jenna wants to meet lots of cute guys while hiding the fact that she is diabetic. These three different girls find themselves becoming unlikely friends during sorority recruitment, but they must make their individual decisions as to with what new “sister” they’re going to spend the rest of their college careers with.

When I started reading the first of the Sorority 101 series, I expected there to be alcohol and wild frat parties because it was about girls going to college. However, as the bright and innocent-looking cover might suggest, it is nothing like that. Each of these girls is only trying to find out where she belongs in life and among the different sororities. Reading this novel actually made me really want to join a sorority, because even though the decisions are tough, you make lifelong friends. I really love how Zeta or Omega? conveys its messages through a fun story. Each main character is well-developed; however I did feel that some minor details were snuck in.

I recommend the Sorority 101 series to any girl, and I really like how the content is not too mature for younger readers. Zeta or Omega? is a fun book for anyone looking for a fast yet enjoyable read.

Rating: 3.75

Review copy from personal collection

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Wendy Toliver said...

I've read this book (and am reading the second in the series) and agree that it's much purer than you'd expect. I loved the characters and even though I was not in a sorority, had I read this when in high school, I might have entertained the notion. Anoter spot on review, Book Muncher!

Rachel said...

I know this isnt the place to be asking yout this, but I didnt know how else to ask. Anyway...I was just wondering how you did your 'catergory' section...?

BTW, this book sounds good =]

Moonlight Reader said...

Nice reviews! I m just about to start the vamp diaries.Want to exchange links?i just started a read & review blog

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