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Suicide Notes by Michael Thomas Ford

Suicide NotesIt’s New Year’s Day, and Jeff wakes up to find himself in a hospital psychiatric ward with no recollection of how he got there. Sure, he’s got bandages on his wrists from self-inflicted injuries, but it’s not like he’s crazy, or so he thinks. Jeff is sure that someone has made a mistake and that he’s not supposed to be stuck in the psych ward with all the other loonies. The weird thing is, though, that as Jeff endures his forty-five days in the crazy ward, the other crazy kids seem to be less crazy than at first glance. And the longer that Jeff stays with these other crazy kids and his psychiatrist Dr. Katzrupus (so lovingly called “Cat Poop” by an angry Jeff) he realizes he’s tired of holding everything back and not telling the truth.

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Rating: 3.0

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Dominique said...

wow, sounds interesting! ack! another book to my TBR list which is already overwhelming me! XD lol

I know you've probably already been nominated a dozen times, but I nominated you for the weblog award :)

Booked Books said...

Great review! I actually signed up for this on HarperTeen FirstLook, but I didn't get it. After reading your review, I'll definitely check it out.

Doret said...

I thought this book was okay. From the cover I expected something different (like suicide notes) The reason for Jeff suicide attempt made sense to me but the author just didn't give me enough. My favorite character was Amanda

Simply_Megan said...

I actually didn't really like this book but I agree with you that his reason was kinda thrown in there last minute.

Nurin said...

That book sounds really interesting! Definetely to be added to my TBR

Anonymous said...

At the very first moment I started to read this book I just could not even put it down.I was so compelled to know what Jeff was going to say next that I read the whole 295 page book in four hours.It is aq good book because alot of teens and adults can relate to what is happening to Jeff throughout the story.

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