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Jars of Glass by Brad Barkley and Heather Hepler

Jars of GlassChloe and Shana are sisters, so similar and yet so different. Chloe is the younger one, both dreamy and practical. She can’t wait until her idolized mom can come back home, because now that she’s gone, Chloe has to pick up the slack her depressed dad leaves behind him, especially in taking care of her little brother Micah. Shana, on the other hand, never wants her mom to come back even though she desperately wishes, like her sister Chloe, that things could be normal again. Each sister feels isolated in her problems, and each hides in her own way, but eventually they will realize that they are not alone in their troubles. “Jars of Glass” is the story of how these two lost girls come to accept their lives and gain some understanding of the importance of what little family they have left.

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Rating: 4.25

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Brad Barkley and Heather Hepler's JARS OF GLASS tells of Chloe, who wishes everything her mother could come home from the hospital and her father would begin acting like a parent. She's left at home to be responsible for her little brother and like goth sister Shana, only wishes for her life to go back to normal. A poignant story of sisters forced to band together, JARS OF GLASS tells of a different kind of family unit.

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