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Love, Meg by C. Leigh Purtill

Sixteen-year-old Margaret Shanley, currently known as Meg, is getting tired of having to move from place to place because her thirty-year-old sister Lucie can’t manage to stay in one place long enough for Meg to call it home. Meg does understand that they do not have much money, but she still wishes for more stability in her hectic life. The latest move, to Hollywood, seems to be just as trying as the others, and so Meg writes to Jennifer Aniston for advice, as she’s done for years. Never mind that Jen hasn’t written in a while; Meg just needs to feel she has a friend in the world, especially after a strange man appears at Meg and Lucie’s home. That’s when Meg finally discovers the truth that Lucie is actually her mother, and not her older sister as Meg had always thought, and that Meg has a family and a father in New York. And so she goes to the Big Apple, in search of love, acceptance, and her elusive father. And what Meg learns from her trip will change her forever.

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Rating: 4.25

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Unknown said...

An interesting concept...I particularly like the Jennifer Aniston bit.

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