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How I Found the Perfect Dress by Maryrose Wood

How I Found the Perfect DressThings have been disappointing anticlimactic for Morgan Rawlinson after a pretty unbelievable summer—in more than one way. Last summer, she discovered that she was a half-goddess, not that she’s got any cool magical powers or anything like that. Last summer, she fell for Irish hunk Colin, but all that’s come of that is the occasional bland email—that is, until Colin announces he’s coming to none other than Morgan’s home, Connecticut. But things aren’t so bright and cherry with Colin; he’s mentally exhausted from being forced to dance all night long with faeries in his dreams. And when Morgan finds out that this fatigue may be her fault, this semi-goddess is willing to do whatever it takes to break this evil faerie spell. But with prom season approaching and faerie mischief abounding, this is not going to be an easy task, not at all.

How I Found the Perfect Dress is a cute and thankfully just as original sequel to the fabulous Why I Let My Hair Grow Out. Instead of revisiting an old Irish legend, Wood essentially creates her own, and the effect is unique and fun with an interesting combination of faerie and human worlds. Morgan seems much more mature and in control of her life, at least eh parts not involving Colin, than in her previous adventure, which I liked because it shows her character growth. I enjoy reading from Morgan’s perspective because she’s just a funny and entertaining narrator, just as she was in Why I Let My Hair Grow Out. I was disappointed that Morgan and Colin’s relationship wasn’t completely cemented, but hopefully Morgan will star in another unique story and their romance can continue.

I thoroughly enjoyed How I Found the Perfect Dress, though if I had to pick a favorite of Morgan’s tales, it would be her first, Why I Let My Hair Grow Out. Readers who enjoyed that novel as well as Into the Wild by Sarah Beth Durst and Oh. My. Gods. by Tera Lynn Childs will also want to read this fun one.

Rating: 4.5

Review copy from publisher Berkley JAM

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Again...I love the cover! Great review!

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Love the cover!
Great review ^_^

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Ooooh...Now I can't wait to begin my copy of the first!

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I am quite eager for the third volume!

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thanks for a great review!

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