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The A-List: Hollywood Royalty by Zoey Dean

The A-List: Hollywood Royalty #1The A-List, that elite group of Hollywood’s finest, is back. But while some people are born into that kind of glory, such as the golden couple Myla and Ash, others have to work their way up the celebrity ladder to even be deemed worthy. And that’s what outsiders like the good girl Amelie, the reformed geek Jake, and the nobody who’s just discovered her Hollywood connections, Jojo. But making it to the A-List and staying on are two completely separate things, and being included among these privileged ranks calls for a whole new set of drama, not to mention a whole new playing field for it. Each of these teens will have to decide, is it all worth it?

Dean brings back the high fashion, sneaky lies and deception, and good old-fashioned unrequited love characteristic to the first ten installments of The A-List series in its next generation. The cast may be all new, but the plot remains much the same—a covert name-dropping, rumor-spreading, boyfriend-stealing war between the insiders and the outsiders. Yet even though I question the value in reading about retail therapy and the drama of Hollywood High, I can’t resist indulging in this guilty pleasure that realistically portrays the spoiled and sometimes scandalous lives of the young and filthy rich, and those trying to get there. There are really two ways to look at novels like this: as a guilty pleasure read or an inadvertent social commentary. Although I highly doubt it was Dean’s intention to truly criticize the glamorous lifestyle, it’s pretty plain to see that there is something seriously shallow and wrong about how people pay so much attention to the latest styles and celebrity gossip. Nevertheless, Hollywood Royalty is a quick read perfect for a sunny day at the beach.

Fans of any teen guilty pleasure, such as Dean’s original A-List series, The Elite series by Jennifer Banash, the Private series by Kate Brian, and the Gossip Girl series by Cecily von Ziegesar, is sure to enjoy Hollywood Royalty. Though not exactly brain stimulating material, I will probably check out the sequels to this gossipy read.

Rating: 3.75

Review copy from publisher Little, Brown

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Briana said...

I always see this book in bookstores and I always wonder about it. I don't really like the cover, but I like Privilege (spin-off series from author of Private Series), so maybe I'll like these books.


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