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My Soul to Save by Rachel Vincent

My Soul to Save (Soul Screamers Book 2)Kaylee Cavanaugh is a bean sidhe—which means she screams when someone dies. But when she and her boyfriend Nash go to see teen pop star Eden live in concert, Eden dies onstage—and Kaylee doesn’t scream. Kaylee knows something is seriously wrong, because she can’t scream for someone without a soul. It turns out that up-and-coming teen stars everywhere are selling their souls for fame and fortune. What they don’t know and can’t possibly understand is the price, because their fame and fortune is temporary but their eternal torment in the Netherworld at the hands of a hellion is forever. The last thing that Kaylee wants is the added stress, but she can’t just sit back and do nothing either. There are souls at stake here, and Kaylee will do almost anything to save them—including risking her own.

Though I enjoyed My Soul to Take, I wasn’t its biggest fan, and so I didn’t really expect much with My Soul to Save. The story is satisfactory and interesting enough, but other than that, it doesn’t really stand out too much from other paranormal novels. The novelty of bean sidhes wore out slightly by the time I finished this novel’s prequel, so already My Soul to Save didn’t have that going for it. Even learning more about bean sidhe abilities didn’t quite excite me. I appreciate Vincent’s skill at creating a unique story that present more danger than Kaylee faced in My Soul to Take and I liked how the Kaylee and Nash’s romance took a backseat to the action, but I still found it a little hard to really get into this novel. It’s enjoyable, but not the best paranormal read.

My Soul to Save will be enjoyed by fans of My Soul to Take, also by Rachel Vincent and Dead Is the New Black by Marlene Perez.

Rating: 3.75

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