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Pajants Party!

Last Saturday, I slept in til 11, not realizing that there was a book event I wanted to go to that day. After I remembered that, though, the next few hours of my life became a flurry of excitement because I was getting ready to attend a mega event: the Pajants Party at Books of Wonder.

Pajants, you ask? Yes, the Twitterhood of the Butt Lifting Pajants, in fact. Basically, it's a pair of pajama jeans that have been passed from YA author to YA author, decorated a bit by each, to promote butt-lifting action (and silliness and community and friendship and all that). You may remember seeing them a couple of times on The Book Muncher, since I have spotted them in the wild at previous events (see here and here).

And can I say that the Pajanters know how to throw a party! After a brief introduction to the Pajants, we all watched a brief slideshow (created and narrated by E. Lockhart) of various authors wearing the Pajants and then got to hear some more specific stories relating to the Pajants. It was quite amusing. I loved getting to hear from not only the 19 featured authors but also a few more Pajanters in the audience as well (including Alecia Whitaker, Jennifer Lynn Barnes, Jess Rothenberg, and Rebecca Serle).

Elizabeth Eulberg, Courtney Sheinmel, E. Lockhart, Melissa Walker, Tara Altebrando, Alan Gratz, & Maureen Johnson (she's hidden behind the column)
Jennifer E. Smith, Leslie Margolis, Adele Griffin, Robin Wasserman, Jen Calonita, & Dan Ehrenhaft
Ann Brashares, David Macinnis Gill, Julia DeVillers, Lauren Myracle, Sarah Mlynowski, & Susane Colasanti
the requisite group photo

Perhaps the most touching part of the event was the fact that Ann Brashares was part of it. You know, the author of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, the book that partially inspired the passing around of the Pajants. Yeah. She is so incredibly sweet and humble. I am honored to have met and had a short conversation with her (mostly about how much my sister loves her books and that I go to Barnard, the same college she went to!).

Me and Ann Brashares

The rest of the time, I spent munching on yummy cupcakes and cookies and chatting with some of my favorite people, including: Genna from Reading, Writing, and the World of Words, Sam from Living Little Women, my favorite Books of Wonder employees Adam and Kaila, and authors Alecia Whitaker, Michael Northrop, Courtney Sheinmel, Adele Griffin, and Susane Colasanti. I was also excited to be recognized by authors Elizabeth Eulberg and Sarah Mlynowski and introduced to a Very Important Agent and soon-to-be-published author Jess Rothenberg.

All in all, it was an awesome time. Courtney Sheinmel even dubbed me the Official/Head Guardian of the Pajants. I know, what an honor.

And with that, I leave you with one last image of the Pajants in all their glory.

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